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Casa Jado is designed to enjoy a quiet and relaxed place in the heart of the Southwest of Antioquia in Colombia. We want to share our home, experiences and knowledge with visitors and try to make them feel at home, sharing spaces and enhancing personal relationships with values such as friendship, solidarity, conservation and sustainability of the environment and our own. relaxation that this wonderful space offers us.

Alcohol, drugs, loud parties, "desenguayabes" (hangovers, etc...) and the like have no place in this house, although we understand that if moderation and respect for others are present there is nothing bad in this world.

Our history.


This is a place designed to be shared with people who come to it and seek healthy and positive personal relationships based on concepts such as: friendship, solidarity, sustainability, ecology and culture.

Casa Jado is located in the La Pista village, one kilometer from the town of Jericó (Antioquía), 115 kilometers from Medellín.

Incredible nights of clear skies for stargazing; and days that the fabulous variety of bird species that reach the gardens of the house, fill with color and music with their display of colors and their songs. It is also a spectacle to appreciate the waves of fog that arise suddenly and hang on the slopes of the mountains that accompany the flow of the Cauca River and that disappear with the same speed with which they arrived. Flowers and more flowers that form a melting pot of colors that give us the generous rain and this sun with spring temperatures that accompany us all year round.


-Coffee tours (in which you can learn about the entire process of organic, artisanal and selective coffee production, actively participating in it and ending with a tasting of it freshly picked, washed, roasted in a wood stove and ground, being able to , to finish, opt for a homemade lunch prepared by the lady on the coffee farm itself).

-Fishing (You can spend a day fishing and, if you're lucky, have grilled fish for lunch or dinner. 

-All the religious culture of the town of Jericó, blessed with being the birthplace of our Mother Laura and seventeen wonderful chapels, in addition to the harmony, peace and respect that its people emanate.

-Paragliding over the majestic and imposing valley of the Cauca River.

-Cable car out of service at this time.

-Hiking with which to perceive, helped by the stillness and serenity of walking, the thousands of varieties of birds, flowers and gifts that Mother Nature was pleased to grant to these places.

-The town of Jericho itself lends itself to strolling its streets and delighting in its multicolored buildings and the kindness and education of its people.

Our objetive.

We open this house to visitors who arrive hoping to say goodbye to a friend when they have to leave. 

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