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We are 115 km away. from Medellín, in the Southwest of Antioquia, at 1900 meters above sea level in the mountains that surround the Cauca River valley. Casa Jado is one kilometer from the town of Jericó on the La Pista path.

Although the house is a short distance from the Medellín airport, for those who do not know Colombia, you should know that trips by vehicle take much longer due to the orography and the structure of the traffic routes. You have to take into account that traveling those little more than 100 km by car. It takes about three hours.

The good side of this is that since there is less interference from infrastructure, the natural environment is better preserved in its original state, so the journey is visually much more enjoyable.




In the foothills of the Cauca River valley, in the mountains belonging to the Andes mountain range. A privileged balcony, with an average temperature of 21º. Nights of 17º and days of 25º on average. A privilege that nature has granted to Jericó and that means that from the town we can enjoy multiple temperatures just by moving a few minutes.

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